Six Sigma Training

Six sigma training is one of the essential requirements for the reputed concerns and their business needs. Often the companies have their own institutes to train the employees on six sigma strategies. DMAIC explains the basics of six sigma and it is highly focused on green belt training course. The black belt and master black belt training is meant for the higher posts where the employees often need to solve complex problems. Popularity of six sigma training has definitely aided the companies to work in a better way and accomplish the targets of customer satisfaction easily.

The six sigma training program is a management program that is designed including all the core strategies that are essential to manage a company skillfully. The course material aims to educate the professional on managing a big organization flawlessly. There are quite a number of companies that look for employees who holds certified six sigma training.

The objective of the six sigma training program is to teach the aspiring executives and consultants, the process of eliminating all sorts of defects from the company. It covers all the fields like production, manufacturing, customer handling and managing the accounts. They also educate the employees about achieving customer satisfaction without fail as this is the only way any company can prosper.

As this training has become a popular choice for most of the renowned companies, many training institutes have emerged in the last few years who claim to provide best quality six sigma training. If you browse through the courseware from various institutes, you will see that the focus of all the courses is not the same but all of them keep the basics of six sigma unaltered. Moreover, during the training they put emphasis mostly on accomplishing the live projects and finding solutions for problems that are specific to the companies.

Another important part of six sigma training is the meticulous knowledge about DMAIC. It stands for “Define”, “Measure” “Analyze” “Improve”, “Control” which is the most important strategies that a six sigma trained student should know. There are few levels of six sigma training among which the most important ones are six sigma green belt training, Black Belt training and master black belt training. All these three belts need different level of competency as the commitment level is different for all.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training
    The course for six sigma green belt training is designed to coach the executives and staffs of an organization about the basics of handling different problem situations tactfully. The green belt training specially highlights the DMAIC rules as this training is aimed for the beginners. With the successful completion of this training the employees learn how to carry out their roles and responsibilities while working in a team and add value to the total performance of the team. They also get to know about leading small six sigma projects and arrange the strategies according to the requirements.
  • Six Sigma Black Belts Training: Six sigma black belts is a higher level than green belt. It is aimed to educate the employees who are in superior positions like project leaders that involve more responsibilities than the entry level workers. Six sigma black belt training educates the individuals about more complicated problem solving techniques. They can lead the team members to accomplish various projects for the company. The duration of this training can be two to four weeks as it depends on the instructor’s opinions.
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belts Training: The six sigma master black belt training program is designed to coach people who are already experienced and passed the previous levels successfully. They are taught to analyze the most complicated situations that might occur in the businesses. Communication process with the management heads of an organization is also explained in this course. They get to understand how to evaluate and identify the growth prospects for the company. Finally they are educated in detail about leading others and how to guide others to win over a particular situation.

Benefits of Six Sigma Training:

  • Six sigma training enables the employees of a company with the power to think positive and handle all sorts of problem situations.
    • The black belt training makes the higher officials more efficient with their leadership and troubleshooting skills.
  • The training improves the overall performance and growth opportunity of an organization.

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