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Six sigma software are playing a key role in implementation of six sigma. Six sigma is one of the indispensable tools for the reputed business organizations that help them run the business and production with minimum error and maximum yields. There are quite a number of six sigma software available in the market which are equipped with the three essential aids needed by the six sigma consultants. These tools are organization, practical tools and guidance. The software packages are separately designed to perform complicated tasks like report generation, histograms and charts and training. A few of the popular six sigma software are STATISTICA, Minitab, SigmaXl, Pathmaker etc.

The definition of business has changed drastically from what it used to be at the very beginning. The big brands and business houses have taken over the worldwide market leaving the small shops far behind. Now as they grow bigger and bigger, their resources, number of employees, production capacity and all other factors increase with the same tempo. When all these elements are managed perfectly, they achieve ultimate client satisfaction and more opportunity to grow. Keeping this in mind the six sigma software is developed. These are powerful tools that help the management of an organization do their job in a better way. There are specific software designed to handle all fields of the company including production, customer support, accounts and many more.

Most of the companies hire several six sigma consultants who are capable of handling the analytical and versatile software system that aims to provide hundred percent flawless administrations of various divisions. The graphics, analytical techniques and statistics implemented in the six sigma software are created carefully as the maximum error that a six sigma certified company can commit is 3.4 per million opportunities which is obviously negligible. In a nutshell, the software will ensure that every intricate detail is maintained without fail which will take the organization towards growth and prosperity. There is quite a number of software available in the market and here we have discussed the pros and cons of a few:

  • Quality Companion 2
    This is unique six sigma software that will help you plan the projects and implement them with perfection. The three most important factors that any one should look for in a six sigma software system are guidance, organization and practical tool. Quality Companion 2 features all three of these and also aids in tracking data, creating reports and managing all other aspects of the organization. It was designed by Minitab and is being used by quite a number of reputed companies.
  • Pathmaker: Pathmaker is a complete solution for all sorts of six sigma requirements. The software is fully loaded with all the important applications that the users might need while working. They support all belts and allow the users to understand the software on their own. For data collection, they have spreadsheet formats apart from tools like charts, rating measures, histograms and many more. You can create flowcharts, organize meetings and create slideshows for training purposes easily with Pathmaker.
  • SigmaXl: The specialty of the SigmaXl six sigma software is that it is compatible with all the versions of Excel up to the latest released in 2007. Being an updated software system, it is stuffed with all possible functionalities that the consultants might ask for. There are measurement plans for data, matrices, templates, charts and many other applications in it. It is available at a reasonable price of $199 which you can purchase after trying out the free trial version for a month.
  • STATISTICA: STATISTICA is enlisted among the leaders of six sigma software packages. It is available in two different versions aiming to serve single as well as multiple users. Their “Desktop” software is usable for only one employee working in a single system. The “Enterprise” is a completely secured multi-user version that maintains a limit on the access.

Merits of Six Sigma Software:

  • All the sections of the organization remain under strict supervision of the software and it results in brilliant performance and administration.
  • Monitoring the quality of services becomes immensely easy with the six sigma Software.
  • It saves adequate resources and overhead expenses of the company which plays an important role in increasing the profit margin.

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