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Several six sigma online programs are available in the market these days. Though, it is a popular belief that classroom system of training is the best form of education since it allows the student to interact with other fellow mates, share their ideas and concepts with each other and thereby grow himself. But some online six sigma programs have proved it wrong. They provide excellent facilities so that the student never misses out any of the advantages of a real classroom. It allows the student to apply the six sigma rules and procedures to real life situations, create new processes and test them as if in a practical problem has occurred. They are taught with additional facilities like online seminars and discussions, outperforming the experiences and merits that one can get in a real classroom.

Highest value goods and services at lowest prices is what makes a company stand out in today’s market. For this reason, all the processes need to be efficient and quality-proven to achieve optimum competence. Thus, the requirement of a team of six sigma experts is felt, which will take care of all the requirements. These experts should undergo full course six sigma certification. Today, six sigma training doesn’t bind itself to the stereotypical regular classes and lecture system. Students can learn from home or office availing this helpful program through the online study system. It is a combination which integrates the proven methods of the classroom with convenience and advantages of home study system. There are certain certifications that are available online. They are as noted below:

  • Black Belt Online Certification: It mainly trains the candidate on the detailed six sigma principles, methodologies and way of approach. A student is trained on how to supervise each processes running in a company and assigning each of them to the most suitable team member.
  • Green Belt Online Certification:  A green belt certified professional is a trained team member in his own functional-specific area of work. He has thorough understanding of the six sigma rules and procedure, and applies the DMAIC model to his own specific process, strives for the better effectiveness and deliverance of the resources to achieve the goal set by management of the company.
  • Yellow Belt Online Certification: Yellow belt certification provides the student with a basic overall understanding of six sigma program, its principles, tools and methodologies. It introduces the application of DMAIC model to improve the company’s ability to meet the customer’s needs; thus increasing its value and competence in the market.
  • Lean and DFSS Online Certification: This mainly teaches a student about the defects identification and removal in all kinds of processes in a company. Thus, they come to know how to use the DMAIC model to reduce the defects and improve the whole procedure of any process they are asked to handle.

The advantage of six sigma online program is that it allows the student to move according to his own pace. He can work out the place and time as per his own convenience. He can take regular online tests to assess where he stands. Not to mention, the online study materials are interactive source of information, so the student always has the guidance whenever he needs it. In fact, it is already proven that the more complex courses of the program are better coped with the online training system.

There are some popular online training tools that are available for use:

  • QPM Solutions 6sigma Online Training Methods: Two of the several types of online programs are the green belt certification and the black belt certification, that span over a period of three months. The duration can be extended up to 12 to 20 sessions, each of 3 hours. Generally, both programs offer learning at self pace, preparatory mock tests and case study materials so that the student may get ready for the next session properly.
  • Pivotal Resources Enlighten Program:  This is a high-end six sigma training e-learning product, very popular for online education. This provides a student with a complete understanding of the DMAIC model in the various real-life situations that may arise, and it also combines the facility of online discussions along with problem-solving simulations, thus providing the student with cutting edge competence in the market.
  • AVETA Solution Courses: It provides a thorough and enhanced standard of teaching for the application of six sigma program in real-life and innovative situations. You can get a complete understanding of the parameters to be considered from the customer’s point of view and how to deliver the optimum quality service to meet them.

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