Six Sigma Project

Six sigma projects are generally designed by the six sigma black and master black belts. An ideal project should be selected according to the requirement of the specific department. The project should be designed depending on the improvement strategies that will help reducing errors and increase yields.

Six Sigma Projects are those which are treated with Six Sigma strategy to show the benefits of the particular data-driven analytical approach to different processes for significant improvement of the company. Six Sigma Projects are used for certification and mainly demonstrates the application of various Six Sigma methodologies and tools in different real-life and innovative situations, and their effectiveness in bringing return on investment.

Selecting the Project:
This is an important part of the whole process. The right project should be chosen for the maximum benefits in the long run. For this reason, it is best to do some research on the current market practices and policies. But such research may not always bring out clear cut guiding rules and tips to choosing a project. So, the Six Sigma Project Selection Criteria Matrix was brought out by the Supply Chain that provides an approximate idea of the project that is supposed to fetch highest gains in the future. It comprises of five selection criteria and on the basis of these criteria, each project is measured and a rough estimate of the highest promising project is drawn. Some of the general tips to remember before selecting a project are as follows:

  • It is not wise to think about monetary gains every time while selecting a project because certain projects are indirectly related to the other processes running in the company and application of the six sigma tactics might not directly result in monetary gains. It can affect the motivation and efficiency of the human labor, the reputation of the company in the market, better functional basis for other processes or such, resulting in better performance of the company in the future.
  • A careful concern is required for the organization and functioning of the six sigma consultants for the project. It is very important how to use the resources properly for the effective application of the six sigma strategy, which results in highest long term investment returns of the company.
  • A project should always be divided into different phases like operational, tactical, and strategic, that will utilize the available tools and methodologies of six sigma program, and will bring a better coordination in the company.

A good six sigma project should have three characteristics:

  • The project must be positively related to the company’s policies and objectives. It must achieve the goals and expectations of the company. It can be either the project itself that brings maximum profits for the company or related to other projects so that its improvement in turn causes significant improvement in the other dependant processes.
  • The project must meet the customer’s needs and requirements. It should aid in the improvement of the processes so that ultimately, it comes out profitable to both the organization and the customers or the consumers. After all, a competent company depends on its level of customer satisfaction.
  • The project must contribute significantly to the Bottom Line, by reducing the expenditure, reallocation of assets to higher value-added projects, strengthening the company’s base for utilizing the market opportunities that might come up in the future.

Once the project is selected, it is the time for the senior management to create a project charter. A project charter is a typical brief but detailed description of the company’s goals and objectives regarding the project. It analyses the project and lists down all the scopes of the project. It lists down all the needs of the project and its effect on the other prospective projects as well. It charts down the trends in the market, the customer’s variable needs and requirements and draws a model of how the project should be. In other words, it chalks out a strict guidance and direction for the six sigma team to work at. These are the basics of a six sigma project which are very important for the consultants to know.


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