Six Sigma Program

A Six Sigma program aims to provide detailed knowledge on this topic. There are several levels of Six Sigma programs and numerous private institutes offer them. Motorola University is one of the best institutes providing versatile Six Sigma programs to the aspiring management professionals.

Six Sigma program is defined as a certification in the field of Six Sigma. The programs are available with various universities and private institutes. There are certain basic features of the Six Sigma programs. First of all, the Six Sigma program educates the professionals about the basics of Six Sigma which includes all tools, applications and statistical approaches. The general Six Sigma program includes:

  • Basic mathematical concepts of probability, factorial and exponential terms.
  • The details of various diagrams used in Six Sigma like Ishikawa diagrams, fishbone diagrams, Pareto charts, histograms etc.
  • The methods of analysis like root-cause analysis, Kano model etc.
  • Practical applications of the statistical tools in problem situations.

The Six Sigma programs are designed in different fashion by different institutes. Sometimes, these programs are customized according to the requirements of the companies. The program includes the learning materials, regular classes for two or three consecutive weeks and practical training. When a group of employees from the same organization take part in a Six Sigma program, they are provided with problems related to the functionalities of that particular company. This is the most helpful approach indeed when you like to implement Six Sigma in your set-up with absolute perfection. The most popular Six Sigma programs include the one from the Motorola University

Motorola University Six Sigma Program: Motorola is the pioneering institute in Six Sigma training. This is the company which developed the concepts of Six Sigma and now it is sharing the knowledge with people who wish to know about it in detail. The Six Sigma programs are designed skillfully so that they are helpful for the aspiring Six Sigma professional in the practical ventures. Here the professionals will get to learn trouble shooting methods apart from the regular course topics. Every year, the university trains hundreds of professionals on Six Sigma using its experience of two decades in this field. The University offers mainly three types of programs like:

  • Green belt certification program: This is for the entry level employees of an organization. The courseware includes basic concepts of Six Sigma and the duration of the course is 5 days.
  • Black Belt Certification Program: At Motorola University, this program is considered as a specialization program and hence, the learners need to invest four weeks in it. They have to go through trainings, testing and demonstrations through projects.
  • Six Sigma Program for Product Development: This is also a five-day-long training provided to the experienced professionals so that they can execute the process of product improvement and development process efficiently.
  • Six Sigma Program for Software and IT: This design is meant for the software professionals who are very much into software development and other products of information technology.
  • Six Sigma Program for Lean Green Belt: This is an exclusive Six Sigma program provided to professionals who are about to work for the manufacturing units. They learn the concepts of Six Sigma and lean together in order to make beneficial changes to the existing infrastructure of the company.

Professionals who have undergone a thorough and well-planned Six Sigma program can proficiently handle projects and also lead them skillfully. This is why the popularity of these programs is increasing day by day and more number of institutes are introducing special Six Sigma programs, online and general.

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