Six Sigma Presentation

Six Sigma presentation is a great help to make the beginners understand the subject. A well-prepared and informative presentation can prove to be useful material for studies. Often, the master black belts and black belts use the Six Sigma presentations for their subordinates or for the management in order to explain the projects, progress and other aspects in a better way. A presenter should know each and every detail about Six Sigma as this will help him prepare the presentation perfectly.

Six Sigma presentation holds paramount importance in the mind of competition-spirited industry players of the global village, all thriving to reach the pinnacle of success. It is crucial that the content is lucid so that subconsciously the audience gets involved to the core of the subject.

Based on proficiency and aptitude, a Six-Sigma presentation is delivered by Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts.  It is essential that your message penetrates through every sphere of the organization. Like the famous saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”, you should rehearse and prepare the topic to offer a spontaneous, informative and engaging presentation.

Six Sigma process strives to formulate innovative strategies to comprehend customer expectations and meet them resourcefully. An efficient Six Sigma presentation ought to teach the application of the strategies to reduce defect intensity to 3.4 defects per one million opportunities (DPMO).

    • Objectives of Six Sigma Presentation: Six-Sigma curriculum is basically presented either in the certification institutes or corporate companies that arrange for Six Sigma presentation for their employees. The basic objectives of any Six-Sigma presentation are:
      • Providing accurate, simple and coherent definition of the subject in order to help a learner possess exact and thorough understanding of the matter, especially if it is being taught as a certification course in an institute.
      • In various companies, Six Sigma presentations are used to coach the methodologies for a specific department according to the goals, profile of the staff, challenges faced by them etc. Six-Sigma presentation in this kind of affairs focuses on analyzing the challenges, uncovering solutions of various problems and trimming down defects to negligible levels.
  • Who Makes the Presentation: In the corporate sector, generally superior quality Six Sigma presentations are prepared by the Master Black Belts or Champions who define the goals of a company. In fact they are quite proficient in preparing presentations. Their presentation is meant for the Black Belts whom they supervise and guide. Black Belts prepare presentations for the Green Belts, which are directed to build up knowledge and exceptional talent for cracking setbacks. Green Belts compose presentations to show their understanding on Six-Sigma, analyzing situations, figuring out errors and diminishing them on the path of improvement.
  • Qualities of the Presenter: It is mandatory that you have a discreet understanding about the growth forecast of the company, as accordingly you will evaluate it and identify possible ways and means to improve the prospects. The aim of your presentation would be tasting success and also providing suitable and competent guidance to the learners. You need to understand very well how this is going to help the audiences and what are the areas that should be highlighted. These are a few qualities that any individual should possess if he intends to prepare a Six Sigma presentation.
  • Benefits of Six Sigma Presentation: An efficient and effective presentation helps the students to understand the statistical tools and other strategies of Six Sigma and apply them in the practical scenario. Employees become aware of troubleshooting competently. The presentations are also used to explain the features of a Six Sigma project in front of the management and subordinates.

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