Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Six sigma master black belts is the highest level in this field one can attain. This is possible only when some one has passed all the previous phases successfully and covered more that 4 weeks of training session, after the black belt sessions. They receive training in statistical tools and other applications. They need to have superb communication skills and the ability of coach others if needed. It won’t be wrong to say that the master black belt is a teacher, a coach, an examiner, and a technocrat all rolled into one.

Six Sigma training program is a management training program designed to train people for understanding and setting objectives of a company and learning how to achieve them resourcefully. It comes in various stages. It starts normally with the yellow belt, followed by the green belt and then the black belt and finally the master black belt. The master black belt certified professional resides just below the top management of a company. As the members at the top level management are the brains of a company, responsible for the breakthrough policies, setting of new objectives and forming the administration of the company, they should be the best from all aspects. A master black belt quantifies the available resources, analyzes processes, looks for opportunities of improvement, and supervises the overall functional system to achieve the objectives set by the administration. They are generally specialized in mathematical or statistical methods and application of this knowledge into their work for betterment of the organization. This is the role of a Master Black Belt certified professional in a company. They are on the top of whole chain of general entry-level employees, functional managers, green and black subordinates, etc.

Some of the essential skills and functions of the Master Black Belt:

  • Ability to Understand Complex Processes: A master black belt should act like guidance to the subordinates, so that they understand the processes and analyze their implications or weed out the related problems effectively. It helps in proper communication of process details to the subordinates and finding of most effective strategy to employ it.
  • Processes: These professionals look after all the processes running in a company and check if they are running properly or not. If the processes need an improvement, they are assigned to subordinates and are kept under vigilant supervision.
  • Six Sigma Certified: He should have a thorough understanding of the six sigma principles and philosophies, along with the supporting methodologies and tools of the program. Though he need not do the actual work himself, still he should be familiar with most advanced technologies in this management tactic. He should be well experienced to deal with most complicated situations that might arise in a company.
  • Team Leadership Skills: The master black belts are supposed to have good interpersonal and communication skills. Having an understanding of the team dynamics, being able to measure the capabilities of each of his subordinates, even the black belt experts, and being able to assign them with the right processes are some of the most valuable skills that a Master Black Belt professional should have. They are excellent motivators and know how to get the full commitment and involvement of the other stakeholders like employees, departmental heads, functional managers, green and black belts, and the senior management.
  • Responsibility: They are considered to be the cornerstones of the company. They are supposed to act as a bridge between the subordinates and the senior management. They should act as a support to both the administrative heads as well as provide guidance to the green and black belt subordinates.

The master black belts are at the top level of the six sigma structure. They pass the initial training programs that are designed for basic levels of six sigma and finally they are deemed eligible for the master black belt training. They are supposed to train and guide the subordinates  like the green belts and the black belt and thus are trained in most advanced statistical and logical techniques. They are armed with best analytical and problem-solving skills to deal with almost any kind of complications that might arise along with a penchant for innovation, nonetheless.

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