Six Sigma Green Belt

Six sigma green belt is the basic level of six Sigma. It is designed for the entry level employees of a company. The training for green belts is a short term course. The green belts should know all the details of DMAIC. They are often empowered with the ability to analyze complex situations and can provide solutions to them as well. They dedicate a small part of their time in the six sigma activities. They can lead short six sigma projects successfully and also accomplish their object as a member of the team.

Six sigma is like a management program where the employees of an organization are taught about the basic strategies of manning a company and also how they can improve their performance from all aspects. The six sigma green belt training aims solely towards the entry level employees who are still at the beginner level as far as their knowledge and responsibilities are concerned. It is generally a two week course and the instructors involve the learners in live situations where they need to analyze and then take decisions.

A six sigma green belt certified employee is often asked to take the responsibility of short projects. They need to lead these projects as well as contribute in the overall team performances. They need not be full-time committed to the six sigma activities as they are expected to invest only 5% of their total working hours in it.

Though the projects handled by the six sigma green belts are small but they are immensely important for the performance of the company. The green belts often need to understand the intricacies of DMAIC. DMAIC stands for “Define”, “Measure” “Analyze” “Improve”, “Control”. These can be considered the most important basics that a green belt should learn. It helps them to improve their analytical skills, evaluate the opportunities and improve manipulated situations with complete control over it.

A well-trained six sigma green belt can easily become a replacement for the black belts which happen to be the higher level. The green belts should also know how to create and tread the charts that are used to generate reports and rate the output of the business. The six sigma green belt program is a versatile one that empowers the individuals to perform well in various industries like government sectors, manufacturing units, healthcare organizations and in finance as well. The topics which a six sigma green belt often knows are factorials, probability theory, dispersions, permutation and combination methods, quantitative analysis for trends, quality function deployment matrices, analysis of regression, scheduling the costs etc. There are few more facts that one needs to understand thoroughly in order to become a successful six sigma green belt.

  • Implementation of Projects: The green belts are supposed to carry out the instructions of the black belts so that as a team, they can implement various projects without errors. They should be able to explain the specific formula that is essential to calculate the opportunities related to the project. Updating the system of measurement and collecting data is a part of the project implementation process.
  • Monitoring the Progress of the Process: The six sigma green belts often carry out the responsibility to monitor the progress of the implemented process. They are trained to accomplish their share of tasks skillfully. This adds value to the overall outcome of the team.
  • Utilizing the Training: Individual aspiring to become a successful six sigma green belt needs to understand the benefits and objects of the course thoroughly. Better understanding of the course material will surely help in completing projects flawlessly and within provided time limits.

Advanced Topics for Six Sigma Green Belts:

  • Studies of reproduction process.
  • Analysis of the root causes in different situations
  • Matrix to detect the mistakes.
  • Mapping the progress of processes.
  • Various diagrams like Fishbone diagram, Pareto diagram and Ishikawa diagrams.
  • Experimental designs for specific cases.

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