Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Six sigma green belt training has gained extreme popularity in the last few years. It is meant for the entry level employees of the organizations. It is a short course that can extend up to two weeks especially when the advanced topics are included in the course module. Successful completion of sigma green belt training will definitely improve the performance of the employees. You can also expect the trained people to be more careful with their analysis and problem solving skills. DMAIC is one of the most important topics that are generally discussed in the sigma green belt training sessions.

Now-a-days, six sigma green belt training is a basic requirement of most of the reputed organizations. It has become so essential that many of them have opened an institute for their employees. This training helps the employees become more efficient from all aspects. The course material of six sigma green belt training keeps main focus on the DMAIC principle. The Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve and Control strategies round up to the basics of the training. six sigma green belt training is supposed to be a week long process. The instructors often put the emphasis on students solving live problems that is associated with their organization. The course content of various institutes varies and not all of them are acknowledged by all companies. All the participants of this program are trained on how they can contribute to the general performance of their team.

The green belts normally work under the supervision of the black belts. But a skilled and experienced green belt can sometimes replace the black belts. As they are taught to accomplish their tasks without fail, they can handle teams as well in small projects. This is why the green belt training program includes process implementation and handling methods.

There are numerous topics that are covered in this course. Things that the lowest competent six sigma green belt should know are probabilities, permutation and combination concepts, factorials, analyzing regressions, dispersions, quantitative analysis of the trends, scheduling of costs, matrix for Quality Function deployment and many more. The employees should understand all these factors completely and they should be able to implement these in the practical situations – this is the object of the sigma green belt training.

Now if you feel that passing the exam with flying colors is what you are supposed to do then you are holding a very wrong notion. You will be judged by the more experienced black belts on your knowledge everyday. So reaching the depths of the training is very important for the participants.

There are few organizations that take the sigma green belt training to an advanced level by incorporating some more complex topics in it. This often makes the training session slight lengthy. These advanced topics include the matrices for measuring the defects, understanding different types of diagrams like ishikawa diagrams, pareto diagrams and fishbone diagrams, mapping the process improvements, reading and creating the control charts, analyzing the root causes of every problem, experimental designing and many more. A hypothetical six sigma green belt training course module should include the following features:

  • Communication: Method of communicating with the higher management of an organization and also exchanging opinions with the other staff members.
  • DMAIC: Application of the DMAIC principles is an important part of the six sigma green belt training. Often the green belts use this model to solve the live problems which is definitely a better approach to achieve prosperity and ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • Selecting Projects: Often the organizations pick up few people to work on a particular six sigma projects. During the training for green belt, the learners should understand which projects they can accomplish successfully and what are the areas they lack. This will help them get a better understanding of their own skills and also work on them.
  • Planning the Projects: Often the six sigma green belts are given the responsibility to plan the projects and lead them as well. While the six sigma green belt training, the employees are also taught how the other team members are to be handled and how the best output can be drawn from them.
  • Selecting Tools: The six sigma green belts should be coached on using the correct strategies and tools which are situation specific and essential for excellent performance of the organization.

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