Six Sigma Examples

Six Sigma examples are plenty as the methodologies are extremely effective in cutting down defects from the system. There are many examples of organizations which have reaped benefits from the strategies and this is why many others are following the same path. There are several tools which are applied to achieve the desired level of services.

Six Sigma examples are the best way to make one understand the features and benefits of the methodologies. There are numerous Six Sigma training institutes that use the Six Sigma projects examples and real life situations as examples to make the learner understand how the entire system works towards improvement. Generally, students are provided with an example of a critical situation that can occur in a company and then, the students are asked to solve it on their own with the help of different Six Sigma models like DMAIC or DMADV. Once they start solving these problems, gradually they become proficient in the field.

Here are examples of Six Sigma tools that have always been helpful in reducing error level and obtaining optimum benefits from the projects.

    • Brainstorm: This is an example of a Six Sigma tool which allows the employees of a company think innovatively and come up with suggestions and ideas for the improvement of the company. The ideas often help the company to derive effective solutions for various critical situations.
  • Affinity Diagram: This is the tool which helps sorting out the best ideas from the ones provided by people.
  • Histogram: This is a sort of a bar chart that helps estimating and evaluating the data collected from various aspects of the system.
  • Pareto Charts: The Pareto chart is an example of Six Sigma application tool that helps short-listing the causes of different problems, which is one of the easiest ways to solve them as the effort is reduced.

There are numerous organizations that feature the examples of Six Sigma implementation. Examples of Six Sigma companies:

  • Motorola: Motorola is not just another example of Six Sigma but it is the inventor of the system. It implemented the Six Sigma system on an experimental basis in order to resolve the quality issues occurring in the company frequently. Though Six Sigma was used for trial, it yielded brilliant results which showed up in the overall performance of the organization.
  • General Electric Company: GE is one of the companies that reaped maximum benefits from Six Sigma. This company is famous for its diversity in numerous fields and also for the research and development section. Inspite of hiring the best employees and implementing cutting edge technology, it was facing problems with the quality of products and services during the 90’s. It followed the path showed by Motorola and emerged as one of the most successful and revenue generating company of the year.
  • Satyam: Satyam is another prominent software and services company that has become one of the most popular companies in the field after it implemented Six Sigma in its infrastructure.
  • Microsoft: It is one of the most popular and revenue generating companies of the world. Now, the secret behind their near perfect services and products is Six Sigma. In fact, Microsoft is considered as an ideal example of Six Sigma implementation.
  • Wipro: Wipro is one company that deals in software development, consumer goods production and customer services with equal efficiency. It attained the ultimate condition free from all sorts of defects with the help of Six Sigma.

HP, Ford, Caterpillar and many other companies are there which used the time-tested methodologies of Six Sigma and received benefits out of it.

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