Six Sigma Companies

Six Sigma companies are growing slowly as the management of the companies all over the world is realizing that Six Sigma is the methodology that helps a company grow in every aspect. The strategies, statistical tools and other applications aid the organization improve the product quality and customer satisfaction. The efficiency of the employees increase attrition rate decreases remarkably. Some of the popular Six Sigma companies include Motorola and GE.

When a company wants to become the market leader, it needs to eliminate almost all the defects that generally occur in any division of the organization. The three pillars of any company that can make or break the future are- employee contentment, customer satisfaction and quality of product and services. Now, Six Sigma is a time tested, sophisticated methodology, that can aid any company reduce the defects to 3.4 per million opportunities handled. The best fact about Six Sigma is that, the strategies, tools and applications can be easily implemented without making too many changes to the existing infrastructure. This is why, the small, medium and large companies are all taking initiative in knowing and deploying Six Sigma to their systems.

Some of the companies hire Six Sigma consultants to plan the projects and implement them in the system. There are quite a number of other organizations who train their employees for green belts and black belts as these cuts the cost remarkably. The departments which need improvements should be selected first and then projects be planned accordingly. The statistical tools, analyzing models and other applications are used widely by the Six Sigma companies. Industries like finance, manufacturing, healthcare, IT and ITES use Six Sigma effectively. Companies that have already reaped excellent benefits from Six Sigma are Motorola, GE and many more.

    • Motorola: Motorola is the developer and implementer of Six Sigma methodologies. The management of Motorola compiled all possible techniques which have proved helpful for the small and big organizations in achieving quality improvement. It changed the overall concept of measuring the quality standards and from percentage measurement system, they transformed it into parts per million systems. Motorola received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the year 1988 which gained it recognition as a well-known business firm. Motorola became the role model for many other diversified companies and now it is known as the initiator of the Six Sigma concept.
  • General Electric Company: General Electric Company is a US based company that deals in numerous fields like electrical equipments and fixtures, plastic items, consumer goods, finance and many more. The company trusts the method of Research and development in order to improve product quality. But, during the 90’s, the company was undergoing various setbacks due to quality issues. Their existing structure was running with 4 Sigma program, where the amount of defects was about 35000 per million opportunities. The then CEO, Mr. Welch, was impressed and inspired by the Six Sigma strategies, especially Motorola’s success, and this is the reason why he decided to use the same in his company as well. The groundwork was initiated in 1988 and final implementation took place in 1995. Excellent results were depicted in the hike in revenues and share prices.
  • Bank of America: Bank of America is one of the most popular banks in the world and it also acknowledged the effectiveness of Six Sigma programs by implementing it in its systems. The customer service quality, investment facilities and revenues, all have improved drastically with this initiative.
  • Dell: Dell is one of the best computer hardware manufacturing companies across the globe. It recognized the Six Sigma concept and its benefits and implemented them in its infrastructure. The results can be observed in the improved business and reputation of the company.

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