Six Sigma Champion

Six sigma champions are people who are immensely proficient in applications of six sigma in various reputed companies. The champions generally occupy the top most positions of organizations as managers and leaders. They select the important projects for a particular department and also execute the implementation process. The black belts are headed by the champions as all the strategies are always at the tips of their fingers. There is a different training procedure for six sigma champions.

Six sigma champions are people who know almost every aspect of six sigma in detail. They are talented and skilled enough to select the six sigma projects for an organization as a whole or specifically for a department. They are capable to identify the areas that require further improvements and facing several problems because of particular shortcomings at the moment. Champions are the ones who define the targets and needs of the projects in front of the management. This is a necessary step as right implementation can make it a great success. In case there are certain obstacles in achieving the optimum results, six sigma champions can clear them off. They lead the projects and also execute the entire process till the goal is reached.


The six sigma champions often occupy the most responsible posts in a company. They are the busy managers and leaders who are accountable for the overall performance of the organization. Champions are supposed to lead teams constituting black belts who are already experienced and an educated individual as far as six sigma is concerned. This is the reason why the champions need to undergo more complex training sessions that naturally enhances their leadership as well as troubleshooting skills. After a good training session the six sigma champions will be able to understand the business requirements and also the needs to implement the six sigma projects.

There are certain things that the champions should understand very well. The basics and methodologies of six sigma should be at their fingertips. This is essential because learning the basics can help one improve the efficiency of other team members. The roles and responsibilities that should be carried out by the champions are separately taught to them. They also learn about the roadmaps that guide them through the different problematic situations. Selection of projects and charters is equally important for the champions to know. Now you can understand it very well what exactly the black belts can deliver to your organization. Finally managerial skills are the key to become a successful six sigma champion.

Here is a general format of the roadmap that a six sigma champion should follow:


  • Thought Process: The thought process is the first and foremost step of the roadmap to be followed by the six sigma champions. In this step the thoughts and objectives of the selected processes are documented and listed. This is also a learning phase about that particular process.
  • Steps: There are several steps that should be followed in order to facilitate the successful completion of any six sigma project. This can also be called the execution process.
  • Application of Tools: This is time to chalk out the tools and application which will be required to execute the entire six sigma process.
  • Practical Approach: This is the phase when the ideas and plans are translated into practical applications.

Qualities of the Six Sigma Champions:

  • Leadership: A six sigma champion should have adequate leadership qualities in him as he is the one who plans the projects and leads the black belts, proficient in six sigma strategies.
  • Communication: Communications skills should be excellent for a six sigma champion. They generally hold managerial posts and are modes of communication between management and the employees from all levels.
  • Analytical Skills: An analytical skill of a six sigma champion is very important. They are responsible for assessing the problem areas of the process or departments of an organization. They also assume what are the most probable outcomes of the strategies and tools applied. This is why the analytical skills of a champion have to be very sharp.

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