Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Certified Six Sigma black belts are supposed to know almost everything about the subject. They undergo a two or three week long training and learn about the core details of Six Sigma. Individuals with prior experience of Six Sigma can apply for black belt certification. The certified black belts have ample job opportunities in reputed organizations and also the scope of working out personal business is very good.


A certified Six Sigma black belt is a proficient individual who is absolutely capable of explaining the principles, applications and philosophies of Six Sigma to the subordinates who are aspiring candidates of Six Sigma. They should also exhibit perfect team leadership apart from comprehending the dynamics of a team. The certified Six Sigma black belts are responsible for selecting the roles of team members and they also assign specific tasks to the members. The certified black Belts should be meticulously perceptive about the details of the DMAIC model which is the basis of Six Sigma. They know the usage and concepts of the statistical tools and can apply them in practical situations. They also know the lean methodologies in context to Six Sigma. Their extensive knowledge helps them execute and lead Six Sigma projects and also plan them looking at the scopes of improvements.

• Roles and Responsibilities of a Six Sigma Certified Black Belt: The certified black belts generally work under the master black belts and act as the boss of the green belts. They mainly focus on the execution of various processes selected by the master black belts. The posts handled by the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt professionals include that of project leaders, team leaders etc. they assign the tasks to the team members, supposedly the green belts and get the reports from them on regular basis. They are supposed to proof-read and compile the collected data and report and finally submit them to the master black belts. The certified black belts are the main pillars of any company that is driven by the Six Sigma approach.


• Qualities of a Six Sigma Certified Black belt: The certified Six Sigma black belts are really good at implementing Six Sigma in a company. Organizations, which do not have a master black belt and cannot afford to hire an expensive professional of the same qualification, can always refer to the black belts about Six Sigma deployments. The master black belts have excellent leadership qualities. They should be able to convince the management and the employees about the pros and cons of the Six Sigma projects. Analytical skill is a must have for a certified Six Sigma black belt. They should be able to assess the risks related to a particular project before hand. Communication skill of a black belt should be excellent so that they can bridge the gap between the management and the lower level employee group. Finally, they should be able to handle all sorts of problem situations, obviously with the help of Six Sigma applications. 
• Job Opportunities for the Six Sigma Certified Black belt: The certified Six Sigma black belts can never run short of jobs. The number of companies implementing Six Sigma is growing day by day. This is the reason why more management students are leaning towards Six Sigma certification. The black belts need to have experience in the field of Six Sigma as a green belt certified employee. Those who already have few years of experience as a black belt are offered high paying jobs by many organizations. They can also open their own Six Sigma certification firms as they know all about the subject. Hence, the trainer’s post is a suitable choice for the black belts.

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