Six Sigma Certificate

Six Sigma certificate is a proof that a professional has successfully completed a course on Six Sigma and now he should be capable of working with the tools and strategies of the same. There are three main levels of Six Sigma certificate which are green belt, black belt and master black belt. The other certificates are Six Sigma champion, Six Sigma yellow belt etc.

Six Sigma certificate programs teach an individual all the management strategies that are required by the organizations for their overall improvement. Professionals who hold Six Sigma certificate often get better job opportunities as most of the small, medium and large companies are now implementing Six Sigma in their systems.  The Six Sigma certificate confirms that a person is competent enough to accomplish the quality improvement projects. There are various levels of Six Sigma certificate programs, which ensure that the professionals are trained on a step by step process.

• Six Sigma Certificate Process: The way other certificate programs involve several steps, in order to obtain the Six Sigma certificate, you need to go through the same procedure to get a Six Sigma certificate. The professionals need to learn some subject matters provided by the institutes, go through a written test and finally show their acquired proficiency in the practical situations. Those who pass all these steps with flying colors are awarded with the Six Sigma certificate. Sometimes, the quality managers also need to prepare projects or power point presentations to account for their competency in the field.

• Who Provides Six Sigma Certificate: Generally, the professionals working for an organization are asked to get Six Sigma certificates. Now, if the organization is looking for a general certification course, they can refer to any Six Sigma institute. There are numerous private and Government affiliated institutes which offer quality Six Sigma certificate programs. They design the courseware, provide practical training and finally provide the certificate after successful completion of the course. They also provide customized Six Sigma certificate program according to the specific company requirements. Some of the popular companies also provide Six Sigma certificate to their employees based on their particular criteria.

• Level of Six Sigma Certification: There are three levels of Six Sigma certificate programs. The first level is green belt certificate. This is provided after a two week long course. The green belt certificate is meant for the entry level employees of the organizations. In order to get this certificate, one needs to understand the basic concepts and tools of Six Sigma. The next level is black belt certificate program where the experienced professionals who already have clear idea about Six Sigma, are trained about further complicated topics. The master black belt certificate is obtained only after another two week long course is completed. These are the three main levels of Six Sigma certificate programs. There are other programs as well like Six Sigma champion certificate and Six Sigma yellow belt certificate etc.

• Objective of Six Sigma Certificate: The Six Sigma certificate programs have certain objectives. First of all, the Six Sigma certificate holders are considered proficient in that particular subject. The organizations give special preference to professionals who have already received this certificate from a reputed institute. Secondly, the certificate is awarded to people who have successfully completed the course which means that they know the concepts, tools and strategies very well and are capable enough to serve for any post that requires Six Sigma knowledge.

Six Sigma certificate is the measure of quality and capacity of an individual as far as Six Sigma is concerned. The scopes of jobs are much better for the management students who have acquired the Six Sigma certificate.

The six sigma certification involves a thorough study of all the materials that include various strategies, tools and applications required to handle different situation in an organization. The participants of this program are asked to go through the materials and learn them by heart. They are assessed through the written exams along with the practical. They are provided with live situations, often organization or field-specific and the employee’s capacity to solve those problems are checked carefully.

There are numerous institutes that provide six sigma certifications and most of them have the course materials designed according to their priorities. Not all the companies acknowledge the certification programs from all institutions. Several organizations have their own programs. The materials are available for purchase from the institutes and consultancies that teach and implement six sigma professionally. But the package is incomplete without the practical training. Generally the companies bear the cost of six sigma certification for their employees. They seek the help from the professional coaches and employees are asked to attend those sessions.

Levels of Six Sigma Certification: There are three main levels of six sigma certification which are as follows:

  • Green Belt Certification: This is designed for the executive level of the companies. The employees are asked to take part in this short one week program. The course mainly focuses on the DMAIC model which is considered the basic of Six Sigma. The other essential topics discussed in this level of certification are theory of probability and factorials, understanding of diagrams like Ishikawa, fishbone diagrams. The methodology and models help the employees to understand how to define the goals of a six sigma projects, measuring the current flaws of the system, analyze the situations, improve and control the alterations made to the process and their results.
  • Black Belt Certification: The professionals who have already passed the green belt level and have finished the four week certification program are awarded with the black belt certificate. The black belt certified people are supposed to train others and they generally acquire higher positions in the companies for their exceptional ability and knowledge in troubleshooting.
  • Master Black Belt Certification: Those who have learned the six sigma course modules further and are really proficient with all the details are considered as master black belt certificate holders. They can coach the employees and also monitor the position of a manager.

Importance of Six Sigma Certification:

  • Easy Implementation of Process: The six sigma projects can be easily implemented in an organization when the employees are all six sigma certified.
  • Complete Understanding: When the employees of the company are taken through six sigma certification, they automatically understand their individual tasks and accomplishment of their targets improve the entire team’s performance.
  • Cost Effective: If the existing employees of the company are provided with six sigma certification, the need to hire high paid professionals no more exists. This obviously saves the company funds.
  • Improvements: With six sigma certification, the entire outcome of the company undergoes improvement. It can be any industry from healthcare to finance and any department like accounts or customer support – the benefits and positive effects of six sigma certification shows up everywhere.
  • Value of Shareholder: When an organization is assured with six sigma certification, the shareholders take more interest in investing in the stocks. It is because the risk perception of the investor reduces with errors in the system getting minimized due to implementation of Six Sigma. This surely increases the value of the stocks which is an ultimate objective for any business.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Once the six sigma certification programs are provided to the employees, the customer satisfaction will get a sheer boost. Chances of a single complain from the customer’s end will diminish completely.
  • Lower Attrition: Six sigma will cut down the number of attrition from the companies and this has been proven in various organizations. This will help the company to build a trustworthy employee team.

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