Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Six sigma is one of the most efficient methodologies for improving the performance of any organization by diminishing the errors or defects in its services or products. Every error committed would mean some cost being incurred by the company. Cost incurred by the company can be in form of redoing a task, losing customers, changing a part, waste material/time and losing competency.

Six sigma is one of the crucial tools for the reputed business organizations that help them run the business and production with minimum error and maximum yields. The whole process of reducing errors was first initiated by Motorola in the mid -1980’s. They were trying to figure out a process to measure defects at a coarse level so that the whole system can get rid of defects. This resulted in an astonishing increase in the quality levels of various Motorola products. Soon, they shared this with the whole world and other companies started using it as well.

Quality management roles have been professionalized by Six Sigma. It has adopted martial arts ranking nomenclature to make such a hierarchy that covers all business lines. These titles describe a promotion path.

  • Executive Leadership
  • Champions or Quality Leaders
  • Master Black Belts
  • Black Belts
  • Green Belts
  • Yellow Belts

Six Sigma Black Belts: It is one of the important key roles, classified for the successful execution of six sigma as they are highly trained in the use of the six sigma methodologies and tools. They are also known as Change Agents. They are more focused on the result and possess different qualities that allow them to perform their role successfully. Some of the qualities are:

  • Customer Support
  • Communication
  • Varied Work Experience
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Business Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Change Agent

Six Sigma Black Belt Training: To get certified as a six sigma black belt, one has to go through a training which typically is for four weeks. During the course of the training, different projects will be given to you and you will be asked to make assignments on the same. This will be followed by an exam. After you are through with the assignments and exam, you are expected to get adapted to more significant business roles. You are also expected to graduate to a master black belt within a span of three to five years.

  • First Week: This week of training would make you aware about the whole six sigma model as to how it was found and its relevance to an organization’s goals and objectives. It would tell you about project management and defining and measuring different phases.
  • Second Week: It will will be in continuation to the phase theory where you will be taught about things like failure mode and effects analysis, hypothesis testing, tests for means, variances & proportions, nonparametric tests and many more.
  • Third Week: This week would take you through improve phase and control phase where you can learn about things like design of experiments, design principles, multiple optimization and many more.
  • Fourth Week: This week will be about control phase where they will teach you about statistical process control, selection and application of control charts and many more.

A black belt signifies a level of perfection being managed by an individual in terms of project management and leadership and it will be in sync with six sigma methodologies.

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