Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma black belt certification is a course offered to the professionals who have already received the green belt training. The black belt certification is offered by many reputed institutes and it teaches almost all the important topics of Six Sigma. The certified professionals serve in the managerial levels of the organization.

With the growing popularity of Six Sigma, numerous companies are taking initiative to implement the same in their existing infrastructure. They often prefer to get their employees trained on Six Sigma. The managerial level needs a professional to be trained in Six Sigma black belt certification. The good institutes offer quality Six Sigma black belt certification courses which are generally two week long and cover all related topics of Six Sigma.

    • Qualification Required for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: As Six Sigma black belt certification is a higher level course of Six Sigma, the students should have prior experience in this field. They should be degree holders in any discipline and should have minimum 6 months training in this particular section. The organizational work experience is considered as an added advantage for Six Sigma black belt certification.
    • Objective of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: The Six Sigma black belt certification course is designed in such a manner that the employees who come to learn this, become the know-it-all of the subject. The black belts are supposed to serve some of the most responsible positions in an organization and this is why they should not only know but must also be able to implement their knowledge in practical situations. The master black belts lead the teams of green belts and also select the projects looking at the scopes of improvement in a particular department. They also assign tasks to the fittest team member, which is a vital responsibility indeed. Hence the overall objective of the Six Sigma black belt certification is to generate professionals who are supremely efficient and can accomplish the responsibility of running the organizational functions without fail.
  • Topics Discussed in Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Six Sigma black belt certification, unlike the other courses, discusses the core topics of Six Sigma. This is the higher level studies on the subject and hence, the topics are chosen keeping match with the grade. The course first of all brushes up the previous knowledge of the employees, especially the methodologies. Then the prioritization tools like matrix, FMEA, process mapping, Exponential and binomial approaches, identification of the improvement opportunity, data collection, screening the designs and many more are included in the courseware. Solution evaluation, SMED and Kaizen from the Lean   platform are also discussed as a part of the Six Sigma black belt certification program. The charts, diagrams and models are discussed in details for the practical understanding of Six Sigma.
  • Qualities of a Black Belt Certified Professional: A Six Sigma black belt certified professional should be able to implement all the philosophies and rules of Six Sigma and also the systems underneath and statistical tools. The certified Black Belts should be good art demonstrating and understanding the dynamics of a team. Leading the teams and assigning responsibilities to the team members are included in the roles and responsibilities of the black belt professionals. They have to know the DMAIC and other models by heart so that they can apply them in practical situations as well as make the subordinates understand it. The good black belt certification course also teaches about team leadership, helps understand team dynamics and assigning particular roles and responsibilities to team members. Some of the good certification courses also include the basics of Lean so that the learners could become masters of the program.

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